1. Happy 4th of July.


  2. Totem


  3. Heartboot


  4. Lynn Canyon (North Vancouver, Canada)


  5. Redevelopement Smashing Fashion


  6. Streets Clean:Vancouver Spectacular


  7. Leading Clothiers (Vancouver, Canada)


  8. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs (Vancouver, Canada)


  9. Dr. FrancisPham (Vancouver, Canada)


  10. strange-rs:

    The Strange.rs’ Alex Cretey-SystermansJohn Goldsmith, and Kramer O’Neill, were invited to LensCulture. If you fancy a look, please drop your anchor and stay a while.


  11. This Production is now on LensCultureThese are the largest versions of my photography I’ve ever posted on the Internet. A risk, I suppose, but if the work should be viewed bigger then it’s to the big “silver” screen we go.



  12. Soccerstar (Vancouver, Canada)


  13. Chinese Combo (Vancouver, Canada)


  14. Exclaim (Vancouver, Canada)


  15. Another Tale of the World’s Most Livable Cities (Vancouver, Canada and Melbourne, Australia)