1. Heaven is a Place


  2. Symak (Vancouver, Canada)


  3. Cornerstores (Vancouver, Canada).


  4. The Cat in the Box: The Case for ‘Candidness’ - 

    Why Stephen Colbert’s Truthiness is a lot like Candidness in photography. Read about this, a black cat, and quantum theory in my new article on street photography.


  5. Brnd new (Vancouver, Canada).


  6. Awear (Cork, Ireland)


  7. Upper Lake (Ireland)


  8. Irish Republic (Dublin, Ireland) - To avoid any confusion, this is my photo. But you should know that "i" is all the rage, according to Martin Parr. What do you think?


  9. Mr. Miyagi talks about gear:

    Daniel: Hey, what kind of belt do you have?

    Miyagi: Canvas. JC Penney, $3.98. You like?

    Daniel: [laughs] No, I meant…

    Miyagi: In Okinawa, belt mean no need rope to hold up pants.

    [laughs; then, seriously]

    Miyagi: Daniel-san…

    [taps his head]

    Miyagi: Karate here.

    [taps his heart]

    Miyagi: Karate here.

    [points to his belt]

    Miyagi: Karate never here. Understand?


  10. The Birds


  11. Happy to see this selection of my street photography featured on Mutantspace:


    "John Goldsmith’s street photographs take us into the theatre of life, his pictures a complex world of light and dark, reflections of disparate lives all caught up in a single place, rushing past, intersecting, a community in transit.


  12. My photo in the quarterly issue of Buddahdharma Magazine showing my daughter learning to walk. One of the true ethical customers using Flickr to find and pay photographers for their work. 

    Thanks, BD! 


  13. Drop Out of Art School - It sold out at Oscar’s Art Books. Now I’ve only got four copies left. Don’t miss out as I put together a second printing. Only $22 + shipping.

    The project debuted via the Strange.rs Collective. Details here.


  14. Paddywagon (Dublin, Ireland)


  15. For Old Times’ Sake (Vancouver, Canada).