1. Pubgrub Pubgrub


  2. Raiders at Playland


  3. Happy 4th of July.


  4. Totem


  5. Heartboot


  6. Lynn Canyon (North Vancouver, Canada)


  7. Redevelopement Smashing Fashion


  8. Streets Clean:Vancouver Spectacular


  9. Leading Clothiers (Vancouver, Canada)


  10. Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs (Vancouver, Canada)


  11. Dr. FrancisPham (Vancouver, Canada)


  12. strange-rs:

    The Strange.rs’ Alex Cretey-SystermansJohn Goldsmith, and Kramer O’Neill, were invited to LensCulture. If you fancy a look, please drop your anchor and stay a while.


  13. This Production is now on LensCultureThese are the largest versions of my photography I’ve ever posted on the Internet. A risk, I suppose, but if the work should be viewed bigger then it’s to the big “silver” screen we go.



  14. Soccerstar (Vancouver, Canada)


  15. Chinese Combo (Vancouver, Canada)